Get Your Car’s AC Blowing Ice-Cold Again!

Professional A/C Repair Services

Tucson, Arizona, the sunniest city in the United States, enjoys almost 350 days of sun and heat. This is why it’s best to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in great condition while on the road. If you notice that your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly, then it’s time to visit Lee Brothers Automotive Service. 

Our Service Guarantee

No one else knows your car than Lee Brothers Automotive Service. This family-owned and operated auto service have been providing outstanding repairs and maintenance in Tucson, Arizona. ,

You can count on our ASE Certified Technicians to have your car’s air-conditioning system run the way it used to. Our technicians undergo EPA training and certification to handle freon safely. We also include leak detection and compressor diagnosis in our routine air conditioning service checkup.

We guarantee to have your car’s air conditioning system adapt to Tucson’s all year sun and heat.

Warning Signs

  • Weak Airflow

Tucson, Arizona enjoys an average (yearly) of 28°C of weather, enough to keep you warm during the day and cold at night. But what if you suddenly feel sweaty even if you have your air conditioning turned on? You might want to take it immediately to Lee Brothers Automotive Service because of weak airflow.

  • Car Status Information

In some car models, there are displays that inform or warn about the air conditioning status of your car.

  • Hot Air

If less or no air is flowing out of the AC system, it could mean a leaked Freon and a failed compressor.

  • AC Vents out unpleasant smell

It could be the smell of burning rubber, but anything unpleasant coming out of your car’s air conditioning system means trouble.

  • Air-Conditioning Repair

Your car AC’s major components consist of the compressor and refrigerant and slight damage can affect its functioning. Lee Brothers Automotive Service performs a routine inspection on your car air conditioning system by checking on the compressor and its components for any damage, leaks or cracks. We also assess your car’s refrigerant level and if necessary, we evacuate if from the system. Final tests include leak test and recharging AC systems.


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