We can help you with your car’s electronics

Keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in great condition while on the road.

If you notice that your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly, then it’s time to visit Lee Brothers Automotive Services.

Our use of state of the art equipment and latest technology lead us to be the leading auto service when it comes to electrical systems check.

We take all steps necessary to make sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive. You can count on our reliable staff to take care of your vehicle’s every need. What we do is inspect your car, run our standard vehicle assessment, discuss the problems with you and perform the repair, replacement or maintenance procedures.

Why Batteries, Starters, and Alternators are important

Batteries, Starters, and Alternators are three interrelated components of a vehicle. These three are collectively called your car’s electric system. Batteries provide the necessary power for the engine to start up, and then the alternator uses that energy as an electric current to keep the car running. It’s easy to spot when you have electrical problems when one of these won’t work properly.

You know you need to have these three checked when:


It takes longer for the engine to start or it does not start at all. A car’s battery provides the electrical current for the entire car until then everything should be running smoothly.


Although car batteries supply electric currents to the entire vehicle, the starter is responsible for triggering the engines. They send out a spark or ignite the engines that get the whole vehicle running. This makes it imperative for the car starter to function smoothly.

It is hard to detect when car starters will fail. Here at Lee Brothers Automotive, we perform tests to ensure that your car starters should never fail you.


While the battery is responsible for the engine to power up and the starters to run the engine, alternators ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and continually until you voluntarily stop it. You know you have an alternator problem when your car starts but eventually loses power.

Other warning signs:

  • The “Check Engine” light or battery light is turned on
  • Lights (interior light and headlights) are blurry or dim
  • Other car accessories do not function properly


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