Car Brake Service Tucson

We perform routine brake repair checks on all makes of cars.

We utilize all necessary technology and equipment to accurately diagnose the brake problems and their service repair procedures. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact us through phone at (520) 326-6572 or you can send us an email through our contacts page. Be assured that our well-informed staff will gladly assist you.

    When it concerns your vehicle’s brakes, at Lee Brothers Automotive, we do not take breaks. While driving around Tucson and the moment you feel hesitant about stepping on the accelerator pedal, it’s time to check for its brakes. We take brake repairs seriously because we know it’s your safety at risk.

    Come have us check on your car and its brakes, we diagnose the problem and discuss possible cost effective repairs with you. Our quality ASE (automotive service excellence) certified technicians use today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to all aspects of your vehicle, from routine maintenance to all major repairs.

    Our goal is to provide our clients and car owners in Tucson and its surrounding areas, sustainable vehicle repairs and maintenance service.

    Signs You Need Brake Repair

    • Worn out brake pads – Normally, brake pads are more than a quarter inch thick. Anything thinner than that, then it’s time to have them changed
    • Red Brake Dashboard light is on– It’s an obvious sign to get your brakes checked. Just like a “check engine” light, once you see it you know you need to visit us.
    • Spongy Brakes / Shaky Steering wheel. Anyone who has been driving long enough will know when brakes do not function properly. If you need to step hard on the brake or even the slightest touch triggers the brakes, call us.
    • Strange noises We all know the sound of a poorly functioning engine, and a driver knows when something is not right just by listening to strange sounds coming from the pedals. Noisy, grinding and squeaky sounds mean you need to call us or stop by.

    Brake Service Repair

    When we perform our routine brake check, we measure the front and rear brake pad wear. If it’s too thin then we recommend that you have it replaced immediately. We also measure for drum or rotor wear.

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